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Terms And Conditions Of Service

1.0 Confidentiality

All communications between users and Beheading The Traitor are to be considered strictly confidential. This extends to any and all forms of digital and verbal communications, digital and physical files of any size and format. All media contained within this website and or related or transferred to the user by Beheading The Traitor or any representative should be considered copyrighted material and the sole property of Beheading The Traitor. As such any and all distribution, broadcast or unauthorised copy of this information, media and content is strictly prohibited without expressed consent. Permissions granted extend only to the bounds which are specified by Beheading The Traitor and it’s named representatives.


2.0 Use Of Copyrighted Materials

By submitting any communication, form or booking you are agreeing to work with Beheading The Traitor (by use of any services laid out on our website, the booking system, use of payment methods, contact and submission forms). You agree that you hold the appropriate authority and permissions to grant the uses, copy, broadcast and dissemination of any and all information and media communicated, transferred and/or directed to be transferred or communicated by third parties and that these permissions are not subject to the future or pending transfer of ownership or copyright. You agree to grant permission to Beheading The Traitor and it’s representatives and affiliates to use, copy, distribute and broadcast these materials and understand that the broadcast, distribution and dissemination of such materials may be used for monetary gain. These permissions are granted in perpetuity and are not to be restricted by platform, format or financial capacity unless explicitly stated prior to the agreement.


Completion of Services

You agree that whilst Beheading The Traitor will take every appropriate action to ensure services are delivered in the appropriate time frame, they and their representatives can not be held to account for unpredictable changes of circumstances caused by the technologies, software and hardware used in the completion of this service. Under such circumstances Beheading The Traitor will make the appropriate effort and action to right these issues. You agree that Beheading The Traitor will be afforded appropriate time to correct unforeseen delays and errors within a reasonable time frame and reasonable business hours of their representatives.


Notice of Takedown Period

You agree that Beheading The Traitor is under no obligation to remove or redact any media, materials or information by request of the original copyright holders and that any actions are completed at their sole discretion. Where notice of takedown is requested, you agree to give Beheading The Traitor adequate time to assess the circumstances of the issue within the business hours of their representatives and that the same consideration for time will be afforded to any actions deemed appropriate thereafter.


False Representation

You agree to assume full responsibility for any and all legal and financial repercussions arising from the misuse or falsification of information or authority communicated by the use of Beheading The Traitor’s services and practises.


Storage And Use of Personal And Financial Information

You agree to allow Beheading The Traitor and it’s representatives to store your personal information related by transaction or other communication through this website and it’s officially designated channels of communication and address. You understand that Beheading The Traitor agrees to take appropriate action to secure this information and that this information may be recovered only by request of the named individuals by which the information was originally communicated. Beheading The Traitor agrees that any and all financial information pertaining to any individual, party or business is only to be used by representatives designated by Beheading the Traitor for the agreed upon purposes and services.

If you have any questions or would like to request clarification of any part of this information,

Beheading The Traitor can be reached at

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